10 Pcs Bonsai Tool Kit Carbon Steel Shear Cutter Scissor Brush Roll

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- Made of carbon steel fully inspected and lightly oiled, ther are sharp, durable and very handy, suitable for beginners or professionals
- In a heavy duty nylon case with inner flap
- Tool used for leaves trimming, loose the bonsai soil, precise and refined pruning the root, branches, twigs and bud etc.
- Portablely and easy to store
- Care Instruction: remove dirt and debris with a dry cloth and lightly oil after every use


- Inspect your tools after each use, removing dirt and debris
- Note any dull blades or nicks for the grit from potting soil easily dull or damage the blade, you must be carefully when use scissors for its sharp blade
- Never use force when working with bonsai tools. Forcing blades that are too narrow or small will damage the branch as well as the tool
- Soak root hooks in warm soapy and dry thoroughly after each use
- Treat newly cleaned tools to an oiling with a good rust prevention product. (Oil is not included in this kit)


- Material: Carbon steel
- Case Measures: 14" x 9.5" x 1.5"

Package Contents:

- 1x 7-1/2" Cutting Scissors (Large)
- 1x 7-1/2" Cutting Scissors (Medium)
- 1x 7" Trimming Scissors
- 1x 4-1/4" Leaf Cutter
- 1x 8" Concave Cutter
- 1x 8-1/4" Knob Cutter
- 1x 7" Wire Cutter
- 1x 8-1/2" rake with spatula
- 1x 9" Root Hook
- 1x 5-3/4" Broom
- 1x Training Wire Set of 5 Sizes
- 1x Nylon Case