10ft Adjustable Photography Background Support Stand Portable Photo

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10' x 6-1/2' Professional Telescopic Photo Backdrop Support Stand Kit!

This brand new portable background/backdrop support stand kit is extremely suitable for all level photographers from amateurs to professionals. It is a perfect solution to produce photo and video for web retailers and commercial product catalog, especially for costume and portrait. Very easy to use and set up in minutes.

Carrying Case:

*Valued $14.99 at market price!
*Built-in small pocket for instruments.
*Portable and convenient to anywhere.
*Suitable for one set of background support stand.

2x Background Clamps:

*Ideal for Office and Home
*Essential Item for Photo Studio
*Can Clamp 2" Max. Thickness
*With Moveable Clamp Teeth to Hold Backdrop or Other Items tightly
*Size: 4" L x 2-3/4" W
Crossbar Adjustment Range: Min: 5ft(1.5m); Max: 10ft(3m)
Each Bar Length: 2.5ft(0.75m)
Package Includes:

*1x Backdrop Support Stand(include crossbars and 2x tripod stands)
*1x Carrying Case
*2x Background Clamps