10pcs LED Deck Light Kit Waterproof Outdoor Step Stairs Yard Decor

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- Looks gorgeous on deck surfaces
- Add instant cozy feeling to indoor/outdoor in a very economical way
- IP65 level of protection for indoor and outdoor use
- Weatherproof and rustproof
- Built-in sockets allows you to connect and expand on the number of lights
- Quick and easy assembly without the mess of cutting and splicing wires
- Extremely long life span and good quality
- Energy saving and environment friendly(0.6W only)
- 3 LED bulbs in each deck light
- Much brighter than others only with two LED bulbs.
- 16-2/5ft long cord for connect transformer and LED light conveniently.
- Our Transformer can connect 15 lights(0.6w/pcs) Max. at the same time.


- Light color: warm white, color temperature: 3000K
- Lumen: 6-7 lm/per light
- Wattage: 0.6W/pcs
- Input Voltage: 110V/600mAh
- Material: Aluminum Body with Acrylic Cover(Waterproof)
- Dimension: 1-4/5"(44.5mm)Dia. x 1-3/5"(41mm)H
- Cut hole size: 1-1/16"(27.5mm)
- Extensions Between Lights: 5-1/4ft
- Transformer: Input 110V, Output 12V, 7.2W Max

Package Contents:

- 10x LED Deck Lights
- 1x Transformer
- 1x 16-2/5FT Cord
- 1x Manual