11pcs Plastic Kitchen Measuring Measure Spoons Cups Tablespoon Sets

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Our 11pcs Measuring Spoon Set includes 5 cups and 6 spoons, which is the essential measuring tool in the baking process. With this measuring spoon set, you can get precise measurement for baking coffee, cooking, etc.


Lightweight and easy to clean

Made of excellent plastic

Two gaps on both sides of the cups/spoons, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users

Metric on the handle for easily getting the right spoons or cups

Color: White


Six Spoons Size: 1/8tsp(0.6ml) ; 1/4tsp(1.2ml) ; 1/2tsp(2.5ml) ; 1tsp(5ml) ;1/2tbsp(7.5ml) ; 1tbsp(15ml)

Five Cups Size: 1/8cup(31ml) ; 1/4cup(62ml) ; 1/3cup(83ml) ; 1/2cup(125ml) ; 1cup(250ml)

Package Content:

5x Measuring Cups

6x Measuring Spoons