12" 300mm Impulse Manual Hand Sealer Heat Sealing Machine Poly Tubing

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You are viewing a 12" Impulse Bag Sealer. This inexpensive machine is great to address all kinds of packaging needs. With adjustable timer, it creates perfect seals for varying bag thickness.The machine will be able to produce adequate heat to effectively melt the plastic material on the bag for optimum sealing.


- Brand new in box
- Portable and compact size
- Low power consumption
- Perfect for sealing bags in household, supermarkets, kitchen or stores, such as cafe shop, candy store, snack booth, medicine shops, small factories etc..


- Impulse power: 300-400W
- Voltage: 110V
- Heat Time: 0.2s - 1.5s
- Sealing length: 300mm / 11811 mil
- Sealing width: 2mm / 78.7mil
- Max sealing thickness: 0.06mm / 2.36 mil
- Machine Weight: 3.57 lbs

Package Content:

- 1x 12" Impulse bag sealer
- 1x Extra sealing elements
- 1x Extra teflon sheets
- 1x Manual