2 Pcs Manual Steel Strapping Machine Set Packing Tool Sealer Tensioner

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- Fits steel strapping
- 2 pcs packing machine set, including tensioner, sealer and cutter
- Built-in cutter on the tensioner
- Simply structure for easy operation
- Robust metal construction for durability


- Tensioner Dimension: 11-4/5"L x 2-4/5"W x 6-3/10"H
- Sealer Dimension: 14"L x 5-1/2"W x 1-1/5"H
- Applicable Strap Width: 1/2"-3/5" (12-16mm)
- Applicable Strap Thickness: less than 2.5mm
- Weight: 7Lbs

Package Content:

- 1 set of Strapping Machine
- 1x Manual