20' Sectional Flag Aluminum Pole Kit 3'x5' US Flag Fly 2 Flags

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This is a brand new 20ft Aluminum Sectional Flag Pole. With our high-quality adjustable flagpole, you can fly 2 any flags at any positions of the flagpole as you like at the same time, and hoist or lower flag easily. Even more, you can also half-mast if needed! Perfect for showing your strong national spirit or your excellent team spirit to everyone!


- Material Flag: 100% Polyester
- Import Designation: Imported
- Raise and lower flag by pulling the halyard rope easily
- Can fly 2 flags at the same time and half-staff when needed
Other original sectional flagpoles can fly only one flag
- 5 sections in total
- 51mm Diameter(Almost 2"), more stable; The Diameter of other original sectional flagpoles is only 45-47mm!
- You can adjust to the height of flag pole freely (before installing into ground):Assemble 3 sections: 12-2/5' Height; Assemble 4 sections: 16-1/4' Height; Assemble 5 sections: 20' Height
- 23-5/8" PVC Sleeve for ground-mounted
- Easy set up in minutes

Package Contents:

- 1x 20ft Flag Pole
- 1x American National Flag (As free gift)
- 1x Gold Ball Finial (As free gift)
- 1x Screwdriver (As free gift)
- 1x Durable White Halyard Rope
- 1x PVC Sleeve
- 4x Carabiners
- *Notice: We suggest a deeper hole for the pole to secure it more firmly.