20pcs 7" Inch Galvanized Steel Trampoline Springs Galvanized

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Are your trampoline springs stretched out of shape or broken? Or, you just look for springs to assemble your trampoline? Here comes our Heavy-Duty, High Tensile Springs made from Galvanized Steel, which will be good choice for your replacing or assembling.


Total Dimensions: 7"L (Including Hooks)
Diameter: 9/10"(23mm)
Quantity: 20


When replacing your trampoline mat, it is a good time to inspect all trampoline springs. Trampoline springs that are over-stretched, loose or have damaged hooks should be replaced for your safety.

Package Included:

20 x 7" Trampoline Spring (One Set)

Note: You will take a spring OFF of the trampoline, make sure that it is fully recoiled and measure it from hook-end to hook-end.