20pcs LED Bike Wheel Rim Light String 1-Pack Auto Open Light Red

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- Automatic lighting
- Motion sensing - turns on automatically when the bike moves and turns off when no motion for 1 minute
- Light sensing - turns on at night when the bike move
- 2-meter light string - fits most bike wheel
- No speed limit for starting up
- Flash light mode
- Make your riding visible and safe at night
- Fast and easy installation - no tool required


- Overall Dimension: 2-3/4"L x 1-2/5"W x 4/5"H (L7cm x W3.5cm x H2cm)
- Power Supply: 2x 1.5V AA Battery
- Light Color: Red

Package Contents:

- 1x LED Light String (for 1 Wheel)
- 1x Battery Compartment
- 1 Set of Screws


- AA battery is not included.
- Before purchasing, please measure the circumference of your bike wheel and the circumference should no more than 2 meters. (Our light string is 2 meters long.)