24"-40" Professional Grade Adjustable Drywall Stilts Taping Paint

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- Adjustable from 24" to 40" to accommodate different heights
- Can support 227lbs load capacity
- Anti-skid with premium rubber soles
- Added safety with metal buckle straps and heel plates (Buckle straps' color is random of blue or brown)
- 3-position heel bracket fit different foot sizes & prevent slippage in every direction
- Perfect for painting, electrical, drop ceiling, parades or cosplay assistants
- Dual action springs for flexibility
- Lightweight & strong aluminum alloy construction for easy motion & increased durability
- Exclusive wing bolt design for adjusting versatile height without help of tools
- Lock nuts installed at all crucial pivots & connecting points for greater reliability
- Comply with somatology and motion feature
- Parts replaceable to ensure years of safe and continuous use
- Minor assembly required
- Net weight: Approx. 16.9 lbs in total

Package contents:

- 1x Drywall Stilt
- 1x Manual