250W Watts High Pressure Sodium HPS Bulb Lamp 32000LM 2100K E39 for

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This High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lamp can produce a very balanced and efficient spectrum of lights and enhance vegetative growth. Raise your lighting system to a new level of performance!


- Non-luring insects
- Strong power to penetrate fog
- High output, high luminescence efficiency
- Produces a balanced and efficient spectrum of lights
- FCC Certificated
- Designed for hydroponic plant cultivation; Fits for the Heliophile, such as Rose and Camellia, which grows better at longer sunshine time


- Rated Wattage: 250W
- Rated Initial Lumens: 32000LM
- Lifespan: 24000 hours
- Color Temp.: 2100K
- Base Type: E39
- Overall Dimension (Dia. x L): 1 7/8" x 10" (47x255mm)

Package Contents:

- 1x High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Light Bulb