2in1 995d Lead-Free Soldering Station Iron Station SMD Rework Station

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Advanced Functions:
- Blue backlight LCD dynamical display to show precision temperature
- Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature display conversion function
- Temperature correction for appropriately calibration temperature of air gun and soldering iron(-50°C to + 50°C)
- Iron sleep function of soldering iron in standby mode for avoiding the iron tip oxidation at high temperature
- Auto and manual startup function of airflow temperature for more personality and convenience
- Automatic cut-off heater function will effectively prolong the heater's life
Other Features:
- SAMSUNG microcomputer control for quick warmup
- Digital PID technology to enhance temperature stability
- ESD design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components
- Adjust the airflow and temperature via buttons and rotation knob easily
- Automatically stop rotation when the temperature is less than 70°C
- Intelligence self-detection function features safe personal operation
- Handle with sensor switch features access operating mode when picks up or standby mode when lays down
- Hot Air Gun
- Power: 650W
- Fan(Brushless fan gentle wind)
- Resistant(less than 2 Omega)
- Airflow(120L/min(max.))
- Handpiece Size(less than 23mm)
- Noise(less than 45dB)
- Temp. Stability(±1°C)
- Temp. Control(100~480°C)
- Soldering Hot Iron
- Power(80W)
- Iron(ESM design)
- Resistant(less than 2 Omega)
- Temp. Stability(±1°C)
- Temp. Control(200~480°C)
Package Content:
- 1x 2in1 Soldering Station Unit
- 1x Hot Air Gun
- 1x Hot Iron
- 1x Stand
- 1x Holder
- 1x IC Extractor
- 1x Sponge
- 4x Nozzles (gift)
- 1x Manual