2x 150lbs Heavy Duty Yoyo Ratchet Hanger for HPS MH T5 Grow Light

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- 1/8" Heavy Duty Rope Hanger, with adjustable rope and solid clips, one Locking Latch for hanging the reflector, the other one to connect the hanger to the ceiling, perfect for hanging grow lights, ventilation equipment, fans etc in greenhouse or grow tent
- Easy to Adjust - Use the lever recessed in the hanger to adjust the length of the rope easily. Lower or raise the grow light based on the plant’s height for better planting
- Durable in Use - Polypropylene rope and nickel plated clip for long life span
- Strong Support - Rope ratchet to pull the rope tight and lock it in place, no worries about budge, slip, or fall and hurt plants


- Rope Length: 8 1/6 ft (2.5 m)
- Weight Load Capacity (For 1 Pair): 150 Lbs (68 kg)
- Net Weight: 0.4 Lbs (0.2 kg)

Package Contents:

- 2x Heavy Duty Rope Hangers