3pcs Junior Kid Drum Set Kit Sticks Throne Cymbal Bass Snare Silver

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-Child-friendly size and simple attractive design 3pcs drum set, making it the perfect starting point to your little one’s musical career
-Maple Compound Board drum and drumsticks for durability
-Stands & stool with non-skid rubber feet for protecting your kid and the drums
-With a stool convenient for playing the drum
-Bass drum with a pedal for efficient performance
-Easy to assemble with accessories, ready to rock in minutes
-Learning to drum helps children to develop eye-hand coordination and motor skills while having fun


- Bass Drum Size(Dia.xThickness): 12" x 10"
- Tom Drum Size(Dia.xThickness): 8.5" x 5.5"
- Tom Drum Holder Tube Diameter: 8 mm
- Cymbal Diameter: 8"
- Drum Material: Maple Compound Board & PVC
- Drumsticks Material: Maple Compound Board

Package Content:

- 1x 3pcs Kid Drum Set
- 1x Stool
- 1x Manual