4 Guns Tattoo Machine Kit w/ LCD Power Supply 40 Color Inks & Case

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- Use for Practice Skin Only: We kindly remind you that the ink included in this set is only for using on Practice Skin
- Please read the tattoo safety instruction carefully before tattooing
- Beginners should practice under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist
- It's a must to conduct a skin allergy test for your clients for any ink you would use on their skins before tattooing to avoid skin allergy
- Please sterilize the tattoo needle and other equipment completely before tattooing in case of infection
- Tattooing requires breaking the skin barrier, thus it may carry health risks resulting from improper operation, including infection, allergic reactions or other complications, for which our company will not be responsible

Package Includes:

4x 10-wrap dual coil professional stainless steel Tattoo Guns, can be set for both liner & shader
1x Professional silver and black high-quality padded Carrying Case with lock & keys
1x 360-degree convenient Foot Switch
1x LCD Power Supply System
1x Clip Cord with spring neck
1x Stainless steel Grip with Tube
1x Large aluminum silver Grip with Tube
1x Middle aluminum black Grip with Tube
1x Middle aluminum silver Grip with Tube
8x Stainless steel Tips in different sizes (4 for round needles, 4 for magnum/flat needles)
18x Disposable tips matching with needles (8 for round needles, 10 for magnum/flat needles)
50x Premade sterile tattoo needles
40x Bottles of 5ml Ink for Practice Skin
1x Ink Holder
100x Ink Cups
50x Grommets
50x Rubber Bands
50x Rubber Rings
1x Practice Skin with Tiger Image
1x Blank Practice Skin
1x Medical anti-scar Ointment
2x Sets of adjust Tools and other attachments
2x Pairs of disposable Gloves
1x Set of tips cleaning Kit
1x Electronic user Instruction VCD
1x Manual