48V 14AH Lithium Rechargeable Battery Water Bottle Type w/Holder

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1 year manufacturer warranty for CHARGER
Light weight design, easy to transport
Eco friendly and safe to use
High quality and long life expectancy
Stored in a sturdy aluminum casing
User friendly and come with holder and charger
Modern Shape design, easy to install and remove


Model: rear rack type
Battery material: Lithium
Nominal voltage: 48v
Rated capacity: 14.5Ah
Charge current: 2A
Charging mode: CC/AC
AC input: 110-240v,50/60HZ
Max charge voltage: 54.6v
Cycle life: About 1000 cycles
Charging time: 7.5 hours
Range with one charge: 34 miles (motor 500w)
Battery size: 13.62" x 6.14" x 3.26"

Package Content:

1x battery
1x battery holder
1x charger
2x keys
1x power cord
1x charger manual


Please check the compatiblity between your electric bicycle motor and our battery prior to purchase.
The battery is highly recommended to be used with the charger that comes within the package as they are compatible with each other.
Recommended to be used with 48V 1000W electric bicycle motor