50mm Tube 10x-180x100 Zoom Binoculars Compact Telescope Waterproof

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- Adopts smooth zoom mood and precise focusing system
- Green film plated objective lens - make the scene clear and bright as well as reducing eye fatigue
- Day vision
- Water resistant
- Made of specialized telescope rubber - wear resistant, anti-slide and not easy to dirty
- Comfortable leather handgrip
- The product is suitable for bird watching, outdoor camping, game viewing and more


- Item size: 10-180x100
- Magnification: 10-180x
- View of Field: 60M/1000M at 10x
- Objective Diameter: 50mm
- Eyepiece Diameter: 18mm
- Binoculars Overall Dimension: 7"L x 2-3/5"W x 7-3/10"H
-Weight: 1.8Lbs(0.8kg)

Package Content:

- 1x Binoculars
- 1x Binoculars Bag
- 1x Lens Cleaning Cloth
- 1x Neck Strap
- 1x Manual


- It can't work in full dark environment.
- How to Focusing:
1. Close your right eye and sight an object with your left eye. Focus the binocular by rotating the center focus wheel until the image is sharp and clear.
2. Open your right eye and close your left eye. Rotating the right eyepiece until the object sighted is sharp and clear(Note the setting of diopter scale for later use.)
3. Both sides(eyes) are now in focus and you will need to use only the center focus wheel to focus on the other objects.