6" Mini Flexible Tripod Holder Stand Octopus Mount Compatible With

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iPhone 4/4S Tripod Holder

Complete flexibility, made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR)

Screw on the top for fixing the digital camera

PLS NOTE that this mini tripod supports within 200G weight cameras

Mini size and light weight, great for mobile users


Slot of Black Adaptor: 3"L x 3/8"W x 1/8"D

Blue Tripod Legs Height: 4"

Overall Height of Tripod Holder: 6"

Package Includes:

1 x iPhone 4/4S Adaptor Holder

1 x Mini Flexible Tripod Stand for iPhone 4/4S & Digital Camera

* Please take care of your iPhone and camera. Make sure they are tightly set on the tripod stand before use.