61 Key LCD MIDI Silver Electric Keyboard Music Digital 37x14x5"

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Color: Silver

3 Lesson Mode: Single Key/ Follow/ Ensemble


2-way Speaker System, MIDI, Bass Boost System

Amplifier: 5W

Power Supply: 110V / 8 'D' Batteries

Dimension: 37-1/2" x 14" x 5"

Large-scale Integration(IC) Circuitry

Free Sheet Music Stand

Designed for beginners and hobbyists


LCD Display

Dual teaching modes

40 Demonstration Songs

Sync / Fill-in / Intro / Ending

3 kinds of Auto-Metronomes

Single-finger/ Fingered Auto-bass Chord

Rhythm Programming Function / Record & Playback

345 Timbres / 128 Rhythms / 8 Percussions / Keyboard Percussion

8-grade Rhythm Volume Control / 8-grade Chord Volume Control

64-level Tempo Control / 16-grade Master Volume Control

Pitch Bend / Vibrato / Sustain / Transpose

Dual Timbres / Metronome / Keyboard Split Feature

Three-Bank Registration / One-Key / Follow Function

MIDI Output Jack / Speaker Output (L/R) / Headphone Jack

Package Includes:

1x 61-Key Electronic Keyboard

1x Music Notes Stand

1x AC Adapter

1x Manual