8" Hydroponic Coconut Shell Air Activated Carbon Filter Odor Control

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Constructed with 1.5 inches thick coconut shell carbon layer, it can eliminate odors, filter particulates and purify air effectively if used with 8" vortex blower. Perfect to provide both you and your plants a clean and fresh environment. Instead of leaving the bottom section unused and wasted, it utilizes 100% of the carbon element.


- Coconut shell activated carbon filter
- Safe and effective operation,and maintenance free design
- Pre-filter included
- Three cotton filter pads encase carbon to avoid carbon leaking out and wasting,and it is more convenient to keep the outermost pad clean
- Two free elastic ropes to fix the filter pad
- Light weight and more practical,with excellent abrasive resistance and more durable
- Superior small hole construction and high-performance sorption
- Large specific surface area and high adsorption capacity


- Carbon Norm:Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
- Air Flow Rate:1.5 inches
- 53% open hole area by professional design to allow more air flow to get through
Coconut Shell Activated Carbon:
- Specific Surface Area:900-1000 square meter per gram
- Hardness:More than 96%
- Max. Endurable Temperature:400 degrees Celsius (Safer)
- Operating Environment Temperature:-20 to 65 degrees Celsius

Package Contents:

- 1x Activated Carbon Air Filter
- 2x Elastic Ropes (Free Gift)