98-1/2' DIY Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Roll Ring Sheet Band for Grow

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This stainless steel band can meet your need easily! You can cut this band to different length and DIY duct clamps with your clips! Perfect for making clamps to attach duct and fan or filter for air cooling and odor control in grow tent.

Package Contents:
*1x 98-1/2 Feet Stainless Steel Sheet Band

*Easy use with your stainless steel clip to make clamps.
*Please make sure the front side is outward when making clamp.

Simple Steps to Make Clamp:
*Open the end of the sheet and move the sheet holder.
*Pull out the sheet and cut the fit length you want.
*Pass through your clip.
*Turn the sheet end 180 degrees and press it tightly.
*Suggest to wrap tape on the sharp end.
*The other end of sheet pass through the clip and pull the sheet outward.
*A clamp is made by yourself!

Please Note:
*Stainless steel clip is not included, available in our store.
*We suggest to cut the sheet a little longer than the length you want, so the clip can be moved forwards and backwards when your clamp attaching to your duct.
*Please be careful of your hands and put on gloves when making duct clamps.
*Suggest to wrap tape on the sharp end to protect your hands if you need. Thank you!