Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun Power Supply 4 Black Ink Needles

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For either beginners or veteran, this popular basic tattoo kit including all essential items is your must-have. It is good for you to develop personal interest or start business work.


- Brand new and high quality
- 2 machine guns, can be set for both liner and shader
- Dual 10 wrap coil for each
- Power supply system, analog display
- 2 metal grips with different weight bring different handle
- Individually packed sterilized tattoo needles
- Grommet keep needle steady, rubber bands avoid machine vibration and rubber rings insure spring smooth
- Instructional VCD teaches you how to tattoo
- Suitable for all level tattoo artist and starters


Machine Gun
- Working Voltage: 4-15V
- Frequency: 120-150hz

Power Supply Voltage: 100-240V
Weight: 2.2lbs (1kg)

Package Content:

- 2x Tattoo Machine Gun
- 1x Power Supply System
- 1x Foot Pedal
- 1x Clip Cord
- 1x Middle-Size Stainless steel Grip
- 1x Large-Size aluminum silver Grip
- 9x Disposable tips matching with needles (4 for round needles, 5 for magnum/flat needles)
- 5x High-quality sterile tattoo needles (Size: 3RL)
- 4x Bottles of 5ml black tattoo Inks
- 1x Ink Holder
- 20x Ink Cups (10 large size and 10 small size)
- 10x Grommets
- 10x Rubber Bands
- 10x Rubber Rings
- 1x Blank Practice Skin
- 2x Transfer Papers
- 1x Medical anti-scar Ointment
- 2x Pairs of disposable Gloves
- 1x Tattoo instructional VCD
- 1x Sets of adjust Tools
- 1x Shaver
- 1x User Manual