DELight Self-locking Ties Nylon Straps for LED Rope 50pcs 4 In

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- 50pcs 3 15/16" Nylon Self-Locking Ties
- Excellent insulation, acid-resistant and non-aging
- Fire retardant and heat resistant
- High tensile strength and good elasticity
- Easy fastening, smooth zip in and Locks tightly, won't stretch or slide
- Simple and convenient to use
- Great for LED Rope Light; Perfect for organizing wires, cables, hoses, etc.
- Widely used in household, construction industry, electronic industry, cable and wire assembly and so on


- Material: Nylon PA66
- Length: 3 15/16" (10 cm)
- Tensile Strength: 28.6 lbs (13 kg)
- Working Temperature: -35 to 85°C (-31 to 185°F)

Package Contents:

- 50x Nylon Self-Locking Ties


- LED Rope Light is not included