Drywall Stilts 24"-40" Aluminum Tool Stilt for Painting Painter Taping

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With this Brand New Drywall Stilt, you will receive the benefit of having an extension of the legs with movement that feels natural. It creates greater balance, better control, more stability and less fatigue.Ladders will be a thing of the past with these new stilts. You can surely solve the painting, electrical, drop ceiling and many other problems with it. It could be also used for parades or cosplay assistants. Perfect for commercial applications or personal use.


Adjustable from 24" to 40" to accommodate different working heights

227 lbs load capacity

Comply with somatology and motion feature

Lightweight & strong aluminum alloy construction for easy motion & increased durability

Dual action springs for flexibility

Skid resistant with premium rubber soles

Added safety with metal buckle straps and heel plates

3-position heel bracket accommodating different foot sizes & preventing slippage in every direction

Exclusive wing bolt design for adjusting versatile height without help of tools

Lock nuts installed at all crucial pivots & connecting points for greater reliability

Parts replaceable to ensure years of safe and continuous use

Minor assembly required

Eye-catching design & color

Net weight:Approx. 16.9 lb total

package content:

1x Drywall Stilt

1x Manual