Elastic Ball Bungee Canopy Tarp Tent 25-Piece 8in Black

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These Black Ball Bungees will last the longest without fraying or stretching. They are very suitable for bundling photographic equipment, flash, computer lines, fixing advertising stand and outdoor tents. It is perfect for many application such as securing household items, automotive items, canopies, tarps, shades, sleeping bags etc.


- High quality rubber, black with grey accents
- Long lasting and fray resistant
- Elastic design provides constant tension and firm hold
- Stretches to 11 Inches
- Ideal for boating, camping, hauling, farm, shop, and more


- Material: Plastic + rubber
- Unstretched Length: 8" (20.3cm) (including ball)
- Ball Diameter: 1" (25mm)
- Bungee Cord Diameter: 1/5" (5mm)

Package Content:

- 25x Ball Loop