High Pressure 16"x20" Heat Platen Press Machine Digital Sublimation

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- Thicker heating platen, offers enough pressure, the effect of transfer pattern is colorful and realistic
- Sublimation transfer, heats the platen evenly, offers heating on average and smooth effect
- Teflon coated and non-stick platen, prevents scorching of transfers
- LCD display, can also counts how many pieces of works are done
- Removable high temperature silicone pad, not deformed easily when transferring
- Digital timer and temperature control, to set the desired time and temperature according to the different materials
- Alarm sounds automatically when time is up, remind you to take the items out
- Pressure knob can be adjusted from low to high by needs
- Suitable for family workshops, personal or small studio


- Element: 16" x 20"
- Temperature range: 0°-480°F
- Time Range: 0-999 seconds
- Power: 110V/60Hz
- Wattage: 1800W

Package Contents:

- 1x Heat Transfer Machine
- 1x Silicone Pad
- 1x Manual