Hydraulic Gear Bearing Puller Set 5-ton 3 Jaws

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- Suitable for pulling hubs, flanges, gears and bearings.
- The pump of handle can be opened up
- Pump head can be turned by 360°
- Safety flooding valve to avoid overloading
- Control switch for oil pressure
- Use the stronger alloy steel for jaws seat
- Can be touched working center quickly after rotary according to the distance between puller and positon center
- It can choose pump freely
- The jaws with three can be adjusted from high to low point
- They are indispensable tools for agriculture, machine, garage, Industry use
- Great for agriculture, machine, garage, Industry use


- Material: 45# Steel
- Max Capacity: 5T
- Ares Travel: 50mm
- Min/Max Reach: 0 - 140mm
- Min/Max Spread: 100 - 200mm

Package Contents:

- 1x Hydraulic Pump
- 1x Handle
- 1x 2/3 Leg Puller Yoke
- 3x Puller Legs
- 6x Nuts and Bolts
- 6x Link Plates
- 1x Nose Adaptor
- 1x Carrying Case
- 1x Manual