Hydroponics 4" Inline Fan Blower Silencer Duct Muffler Noise Reducer

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This is a brand new Upgraded Inline Duct Muffler for high velocity fans/blowers. With durable galvanized sheet construction and sound absorbing foam lining, our duct muffler can reduce noise effectively and prevent your health from being hurt by noise. The special designed open cell foam in a convoluted pattern as egg crate is good for superior sound absorption. It can stop the spread of sound wave and allow air flow get through the ducting, perfect for reducing noise from fans and carbon filter systems.

Package Contents:
*1x Upgraded Duct Muffler With Thick Sound Absorbing Foam

*Easy to install and maintenance free.
*Wave crest polyurethane sponge can offer excellent sound and vibration absorption.
*Moisture resistant - great for use in damp environment.
*Extended collar and lip for easy duct hook-up.
*Suggest to use with your ducting(not included) to connect with this muffler and your blower.
*Surface Material: Durable Galvanized Sheet
*Sound Absorbing Foam: Wave Crest Polyurethane Sponge
*Fusion Point of Foam: 250 degree centigrade
*Fit for Fans/Blowers: 4" Flange
* Our excellent duct muffler can make your indoor gardening fan obviously quieter, and help you to keep the good health of hearing. Enjoy your healthy life!