LED Metal Detector 2 Modes Sensitive Search Waterproof 8-3/5" Coil

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- Smart Hunter Metal Detector with and accurate pinpointer, will be an ideal tool for indoor or outdoor treasure hunt
- 2 modes to select, eliminates targets you do not want to detect or searching all metal such as iron, zinc, silver and copper etc.
- 4 levels of sensitivity adjustment with 2 levels of default value
- 3 tones for target identification - Low tone for ferrous objects like iron, medium tone for pull-tabs, zinc, small brass objects and most bottle screw caps, high tone for silver, copper coins and larger brass objects
- Dual color circle LED indications - Red LED light is for ferrous targets detected, blue light is for non-ferrous ones
- Adjustable and Comfortable - 38” to 45” adjustable stem for users of different heights. Handrail design to save energy for detecting. Adjust the angle of coil by loosening the search coil knob for different terrains
- Waterproof coil allows detection in shallow water, suitable for various environment
- 1/8” Headphone jack for headphone when detects in noisy place, such as beach or near city area


- Stem Adjustment Range: 38 3/16" to 44 7/8" (97 to 114 cm)
- Search Coil Diameter: 8 7/16" (21.5 cm)
- Sensitivity: max depth > 7 1/16" (18 cm) for a US quarter
- Power: 1 x 9V battery (not included)
- Weight: 3.31 Lbs (1.5 kg)

Package Contents:

- 1x Metal Detector
- 1x Manual

- 1 x 9V battery is Not included.