Lip 60" x 46" Desk Chair Mat Rectangle PVC Floor Protector Back 2.5mm

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- Clear PVC floor mat with 2.5mm thickness, more durable and wear-resistant than other mats with 1.5mm/2mm thickness
- Eco-friendly and safe to your health: Pass the Test of Phthalates 6P, free BFA and free volatile toxins; No cadmium, no tin and no lead
- Protects carpet from scratches, scuffs and dirt from footwear and damage caused by chair casters
- Studded back for strong gripping without piercing or damaging your carpet
- High load capacity, supports up to 550 lbs (250 kg)
- Non-slip matte surface provides added ease of movement, easy to glide and can reduce leg fatigue
- Waterproof and easy to clean
- Perfect for home and office use; Suitable for using on low pile carpet with thickness up to 1/4"


- Material: PVC
- Overall Dimension (Not Include Studs): 60 1/4" x 46 1/16" x 1/8" (153 x 117 x 0.25 cm)
- Stud Length: 1/16" (2mm)
- Weight: 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg)

Package Contents:

- 1x PVC Floor Mat
- 1x Manual