Money Bill Counter Cash Multi-Currency Counting Machine Dual Display

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- Money counting machine: suitable for most currency counting
- Dual sensors: UV(Ultraviolet) and MG(Magnetic)
- Dual Display: front and external Led display, easy to read
- Counting Speed: 1000 bills/min - fast and accurately
- Accurate: missing counterfeit detection rate of 1/100000
- Warning systems: detect money overlap, missing parts
- Operating modes: batch counting or adding
- Count quantity only - unable to sum of the bills
- Automatic start, stop and cleaning
- Low noise when counting


- Counting Speed: 1000 bills/min
- Hopper Capacity: Approx.200pcs
- Stack capacity: Approx.200pcs
- Power Supply: AC 110V+10%, 50Hz

Package Content:

- 1x Bill Counter
- 1x External LED Display
- 1x Power Adapter
- 1x Cleaning Brush
- 1x Motor Belt
- 2x Twist rollers
- 1x Manual