Portable Airbrush Paint Spray Booth Kit w/ Turn Table Extension Hose

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Airbrush Spray Booth Kit with Powerful Fan, Fiberglass Filter Sponges, Revolvable Turn Table and A Set of Hose


You can use two filter sponges at the same time for general spraying or just use one of them if there are much more fog.
The removable thick white filter sponge is preassembled in the spray booth, and the thin blue filter sponge for free use.
The thinner sponge makes less resistance and has stronger suction for fog.
Save space with the retractable electric wire, you can draw it out by hand and push the wire button to take it back automatically.
For larger crafts spraying, you can combine two spray booths to extend work space without tools.
Easy to use with On/Off Switch.
With easy carrying handle.
Skidproof rubber feet.
Free bend Hose can help you to draw the harmful gas out of door or window, and make the air in your studio more clean.
After simple installation, the hose can be extended from 27-1/2 inch to 67 inch long.
The long flat exhaust outlet can be press from both side of 25mm window gap or door gap.
Please do not use this spray booth with hazardous materials, flammable or explosive paints or materials.

Package Includes:

1x Spray Booth

1x Turn Table

2x Fiberglass Filter Sponges

1x Plastic Sleeve

1x Softer Screw Sleeve

1x Hose Clamp

1x Extension Hose

1x Exhaust Port

1x Instruction

Please kindly note that this auction includes ONE spray booth only. With our high-quality spray booth kit, you can create your excellent spray painting production more comfortably. Enjoy your spraying paint art!