Sliding Barn Hardware Track Kit 4-Rollers I Style 10ft

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- 10Ft long and sturdy sliding track
- Connected 2 pieces of 5ft rails by 4 holes connector
- Extended central wall hanger hole space (16") for firmer and steadier connection
- Sturdy and durable construction
- Smooth, silent and effortless operation
- Roller stopper to prevent excessive sliding
- Strong floor guide to stabilize door movement
- Anti-jump to prevent rollers from jumping off the track
- Spacing saving & easy installation
- Comes with all necessary hardware for hanging the door


- Material: Carbon Steel
- Sliding Track Length: 10ft (5ft for each)
- Door weight capacity: up to 200lbs
- For use with openings up to 40" each door
- Door Thickness: From 1-3/8" to 1-9/16" (35mm-40mm) or 1-9/16" to 1-3/4" (40mm-45mm)

Package Contents:

- 2x 5FT Sliding Track
- 4x Door Stoppers
- 8x Wall Hangers
- 4x Rollers
- 2x Floor Guide
- 4x Anti-jump Disks
- 8x M10 Screw Nuts
- 8x M10*60 Bolts for 40-45mm doors
- 1x Track Connector Install Set
- 1x Set of Accessories
- 1x Manual
- Door is NOT included