Spare Tire Wheel Soft Cover Leather Case Protector 27 28 29" for

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- Help against sun, rain, mud and other elements
- Prevent your spare wheel from corroding and make your vehicle more fashion
- There is thick elasticated hem sewn inside the mouth of the cover - fits tightly and snugly
- Slip-On-Style Cover without zippers
- Easy to install and remove, no tools needed
- Can be used on all car models as long as the tire size is appropriate


- Material: PVC Leather
- Thickness: 0.7mm
- Fits Tires Size: 27-5/8" to 29" Dia. / 70-74cm


- The arithmetic to know the diameter of car tire:
- For Example, your tire is written: P235/55R18; A=235, B=55, C=18
The Tire's Diameter=A*B/500+C*2.54 =235*55/500+18*2.54 =71.57cm
P225/65R17, P235/55R18, P225/70R16, P215/75R16, P235/65R17, P215/60 R17, etc.

Package Content:

- 1x Tire Cover
- 1x Manual