Table Top 16"x16" Photo Studio Shooting Tent+3 Lighting Softbox 45W+4

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Soft Light Tent:

- 16"x16"x16" Cube Light Tent(more sizes are available in our store)
- 100 percent pure white high-duty 210D nylon fabric square tent
- Translucent fabric gently diffuse the light from your light sources to prevent shadows
- Built-in pockets for light and accessories
- Cube tent and carrying case two in one for easy setup/fold up, also for convenient storage and travel

4x Backgrounds:

- Size: 30" L x 15 1/2" W
- Front Side of Velveteen and Back Side of Polyester Pongee Design
- 4 Colors: Red, Black, White and Blue for different objects photography
- Hook and loop design for backgrounds easy changing
- Provide better contrast solution for all objects

Softboxes with 85w lamps:

- 3x 85w 5500k energy saving day light bulbs
- Three 16"x16" Softboxes with mount for perfect light from sides and top
- 11" to 18" height adjustable stands for holding side light softboxes
- Silver Internal Face: Minimize Light Loss and Maximize Light Spread

Package Contents:

- 1x 16" Cube Light Tent and Carrying Case Two in One
- 4x High Quality Backgrounds(four colors)
- 3x 16"x16" Softboxes with Mounts
- 2x Tripod Stands for Softbox Holding
- 3x 85w Energy Saving Day Lights

Notices: Please kindly notice that the fashional bag is just for showing the photo tent kit, not included