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You are viewing a brand new 2610g x 0.1 Triple Beam Balance Scale at a reasonable price. With durable aluminum alloy construction, stainless steel platform, attachment weight set and the clear reading, our traditional mechanical scale can help you to make quick and accurate weigh.
Three attachment weights to increase the capacity from 610g to 2610g.
610g capacity without attachment weights.
2610 gram Max weight capacity with two 1000-gram attachment weights.
The scale can hang two attachment weights at the same time.
Zero adjustment knob for zeroing the scale.
Built-in magnetic dampening can keep balance of the pointer after a minimum of swing for quicker results.
No need battery or any other power supply.
Perfect for laboratories and classrooms.
Capacity(without attachment weights): 610g x 0.1g
Max Capacity(with attachment weights): 2610g x 0.1g
Front Beam: 10g x 0.1g
Center Beam: 500g x 100g
Rear Beam: 100g x 10g
Platform Size: 6" diameter
Overall Size: 18" L x 6-1/4" W x 6" H
Package Content:
1x Triple Beam Balance Scale
2x 1000-gram Attachment Weights
1x 500-gram Attachment Weight
1x Instruction