Triple Hot Shoe Mount Adapter Flash Light Stand Umbrella Holder

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Brand new Tri-Hot Shoe Flash/Umbrella Mount Bracket

This flash mount bracket is designed with 3 independent adjustable hot shoes and 2 umbrella holding Holes. It is useful for you to connect the tripod with flash light and soft umbrella, which helps you to get an optimum angle for great photographic results.


*Made of all-metal materials in standard structure, durable and heavy duty

*Three independent adjustable hot shoes fit different types of professional flash

*A built-in umbrella hole in tri-hot shoe mount can auto-locks reflective or soft umbrella with reed

*One 10mm diameter umbrella hole in the center can accept reflective or soft umbrella with a adjustable screw

*With an adjustable screw at the bottom hole to accept different light stand head

Package Includes:

*1 x Tri-Hot Shoe Flash/Umbrella Mount Adapter