Wireless Microphone System 2 Channel UHF 1 Pair Handheld

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2 Channel Receiver with 2 handheld Microphones
LCD display showing RF level, AF level, Channel Frequency
Range 70 Meters


Carrier frequency: UHF610-680MHz
Frequency stabilization:Dynamic range:more than 80dB
T.H.D at 1KHz:less than 0.5%
Frequency response:40Hz-18Hz+3dB
Audio output level:0-±400mV
Mix out: 0-±200mV
Temperature range:-10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius
Battery voltage:1.5V battery
Battery Life:30 Hours

Package Content:

1x2 channel UHF receiver
2xHandheld Microphones
1x1/4"Audio cable
1x110V-240V Adapter
4x 1.5V batteries